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The following were posted on Lotus Talk

The engine covers are mine. Chuck painted these, along with my center console and AC console all in Laser Blue. I picked up my car today at the dealership which have re-installed all the components into my Elise again. I'm very happy with the results: it looks spectacular! Hard to catch it in photos, this is one of the things you need to see in real life. Color match with the car is great, no flaws in the paint or whatever else can go wrong. Logo on the engine cover is very precisely painted.

The process also went smooth and fast. I was updated by photos after the paint job.

Based on my experiences, I can recommend Chuck to everyone. Excellent quality and prices: I'm happy.

I would like to thank Chuck very much for the work he has done. Again, my compliments.


Personally, I never even turn on the radio in the car. However, Chuck's setup even made me envious. It looks awesome! And sounds even better.


Everything I've seen by Chuck has been awesome. Can't go wrong with JL audio either, great stuff. Very nice setup.


Thanks to Chuck Risen and Jim Clayton, I now have a decent stereo. I'm very grateful to the two EliseTalk members who made this possible by producing products for the community that large companies wouldn't dare tackle with such a limited market.

Jim and Chuck, my hat is off to you both.

Looks amazing.


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