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Engine Covers - Toyota Engine

Both Covers We Provide Parts: $510.00

Spark Plug Cover Only We Provide Part: $325.00

Lettering comes standard in silver and logo in silver/green/yellow. Other color combinations available for an additional charge.

See Services tab for standard Lotus colors. Other colors available for special order.

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Side Scoops

Side scoops are compression molded fiberglass and come painted in your choice of color. Grills come already installed. Full kit comes complete with bracket set and full color instruction CD. Brackets are compression molded black fiberglass and come with stainless steel washers that match the OEM access cover washers. The brackets install without the need to drill holes in the clam shell or use any type of glue or adhesive. No permanent modification required to convert your Lotus to the side scoop look and performance. 2005 and up. Hexagonal mesh also available.

Side Scoop Kit Complete and Painted: $525.00

Bracket Kit: $175.00

Grill Set: $60.00

Grill and Bracket Kit: $225.00

3M Starshield applied to leading edge of scoops around lip of grill: $45.00

Hidden Fastener Design: No charge with complete kit.

See Services tab for standard Lotus colors. Other colors available for special order.

Sub Woofer Enclosure

The ultimate addition to your audio upgrade. Also available in one of your full system kits this is the sub woofer enclosure, woofer, Polyfill, and stainless steel mounting screws. At only 5lb without the woofer this is the ultimate way to add a lot of bass without adding a lot of weight. Compatible with the Lotus harness bar and will not interfere with seat movement. Comes with an 8" JL woofer. Now black instead of silver (pictured). Choice of stainless or black oxide stainless mounting screws for the woofer.

Price: $645.00

Black Grill For Woofer: $25.00

Color Matched Mounting Ring (Pictured): $30.00

See Services tab for standard Lotus colors. Other colors available for special order. Semi-gloss black available for no additional charge.

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Upper and Lower Center Console We Provide Parts: $545.00

Upper and Lower Center Console You Provide Parts: $345.00

AC Surround We Provide Part: $175.00

AC Surround You Provide Part: $105.00

Parking Brake Handle You Provide Part: $95.00

AC Vent Surrounds We Provide Parts: $445.00

AC Vent Surrounds You Provide Parts: $195.00

Door Lock Surrounds You Provide Parts: $95.00

See Services tab for standard Lotus colors. Other colors available for special order.

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Gas Door We Provide Part: $775.00

Gas Door You Provide Part: $225.00

Wheel Painting You Provide Wheels: $995.00

See Services tab for standard Lotus colors. Other colors available for special order. Wheel painting price is for color matching on LSS wheels with gloss black center. Other combinations and colors may be less or more depending on order. Gas door options are both parts or either part in gloss black or semi-gloss black. Each part is painted separately on the gas doors to provide a higher quality part with no masking lines.

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The following is our standard kit but we can work with any of your favorite manufacturers to help you create your perfect system.

Standard Upgrade: $2300+ Depending on Options


Alpine Head Unit Current Model (Others Available)

All wiring harnesses.

All power and speaker harnesses cut to length, color coded and terminated.

Fuse block and amplifier power wires.

Alpine PDX-V9 amplifier and custom bracket to mount the amplifier out of the way between the tail lights and the battery but leaving it accessible for quick adjustments. If you want to try a different amplifier it can be done providing it will fit and has enough power to drive the system efficiently.

JL C2 series speakers (Other Speakers Available). Your choice of grills in stock, blacked out, or color matched and your choice in stock sizes or one size larger.

Firewall grommets and tubing to route wires.

Friction tape, zip ties, and full color instruction CD for the perfect install.

Lightweight sub box and sub painted in your choice of color.

Free unlimited tech support throughout your installation to help you transform your vehicle.

See Services tab for standard Lotus colors.

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Elise Mesh Conversion

Front Access Cover Mesh: $345.00

Mesh is perforated hexagonal aluminum that is powder coated black and is a direct replacement for the plastic grills. It requires no drilling or modification of the clam shell and utilizes all of the mounting points and fasteners of the plastic grills. These will not turn grey like the plastic after a simple car wash and are extremely light in weight. They are great at keeping leaves and other debris out of your radiator and increase airflow and cooling for both your engine and your AC.

Lower Three Front Panels: $245.00

The lower three pieces are available as well and come pre-formed. Installtion requires removing the front clam shell, trimming the openings, and bonding to the inside of the clamshell. The attachment method of the lower three is the same as on the Exige but the Elise clam shell needs to be trimmed of the holes and slots associated with the OEM plastic grills. Professional installation is recommended for the lower three but it can be done by people with above average DIY skills.

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2005 + Lotus Elise Door Hinge Cover Venting

You Provide Covers: $325.00

You remove and ship your door hinge panel covers and we machine the covers and install the aluminum mesh and ship them back to you. Since we only paint the edge of the cut you will not have to worry about paint match as we do not disturb your paint finish on your covers. You will need to make two cuts in your wheel liner and bend the resulting flap toward the hinge. The liner cuts easily with scissors and the flap can be made to stay in place by warming it with a hair dryer or heat gun. The result will be the look and functional venting as on the Lotus Exige but without the expense of purchasing, modifying, and painting new covers as we use yours.

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Lotus Elise and Exige Rear Wing and Elise Front Splitter

Complete Kit For The Elise Wing plus Splitter and All Hardware: $1,150

Complete Wing Kit for Exige or Elise and All Hardware: $775.00

Elise Front Splitter and All Hardware for Elise: $475.00

Replacement Wing Center Only: $495.00

Based on the 2010 Lotus Exige wing we have redesigned the wing and uprights and have eliminated the vibration problems associated with the OEM version and have greatly reduced the weight in the process. These come painted and can be in one or two color combinations as in the picture. The replacement center is a direct replacement for the OEM version and eliminates the vibration problems and reduces the weight at the same time. People have called the OEM version "bouncy" as the center moves up and down while driving even on smooth roads. Our version does not bounce. It is not typical fiberglass and our material selection and molding methods for it are a trade secret but it looks and feels similar to gel coated fiberglass with the exception of reduced weight and greatly increased strength over standard composites. The Lotus OEM version is injection molded ABS plastic which is heavy and has low stiffness and strength. They can be ordered unpainted as well for wrapping in carbon vinyl or other finishes. Over a year in development this is the ultimate wing for your Elise or Exige.

The Front splitter is compression molded high strength composite and is smooth and painted on both sides just like the front clam shell. It in no way looks like an aftermarket part but looks like it came with the car. It comes pre-drilled and also utilizes 3 of the front clam mounting bolts which helps you improve your car's handling without making you do excessive handling to install it. It comes with mounting hardware that once installed allows the splitter to be removed and replaced as quickly as the under tray panels so if you ever hit a track cone or anything else that damages it a replacement will bolt on in seconds.

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